In February 2018, we launched our Foundation in Politics Program, a FREE, 12-week class for 7th and 8th grade students from underserved backgrounds to learn about the formation of the United States Government and the importance of understanding political issues.

Meeting once a week for 12 weeks, our first cohort of 11 students and 3 volunteers focused on the underpinnings of our government in a historical context, exposing students to underrepresented voices through examining the founding documents of the US.

The program spans three semesters, with each semester’s curriculum building upon the next. We recruit students every Fall to begin the three-semester program in the Spring of the following year in San Francisco.


In addition to our program in San Francisco, in the Fall of 2019 we plan to expand the Foundation in Politics Program to Claremont Middle School in Oakland. The program will remain the same and will only be offered to students who attend Claremont.