100% of students would recommend the camp to others.

Each and every student demonstrated major development in both their public speaking skills and knowledge of the issues in San Francisco. At the same time, they made friends with like-minded peers.

94% of students have a better sense of local government, the issues facing San Francisco, the federal government, and issues facing the country.

Our holistic approach to tackling such important issues allowed students to dive deeper into the roots of the problem and develop innovative solutions through legislation.

 85% of students want to empower others to fight injustice in their communities and city.

We wanted students to understand what it means to advocate. As such, these students desire to change the world, no matter how small that change might be.

100% of the student volunteers and faculty would volunteer for the Youth Policy Initiative again.

The faculty and volunteers learned equally as much as the students during the camp. Through preparing the curriculum, interacting with the students, and actually teaching, it was a learning experience for all.